jqComponents - Build Wizard

Select what components you want included in your custom build and click the "build" button. In the window that opens, right click and choose "Save as..." and give the build a sensible name (e.g. jqc-custom-build.js). Save the file in a directory in your web app (e.g. jqc/1.4.0/jqc-custom-build.js).

The custom build JS file contains JS comments telling what version of jqcComponents the build is based on, and what components the build includes. The custom build file is not minified, but you can minify it online at http://jscompress.com .

Note: The wizard only creates a JS build (so far). Therefore your app should include the jqc-all.css CSS file from the full framework download (of the same jqComponents version) to make sure your build works. A future version of this build wizard will be able to build a CSS file too. The jqc-all.css is pretty small though, so it should not disturb your app too much.

Core Components

Basic Components

Data Bound Components

Form Handling Components

Responsive Design Components